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Bolder Surgical Instruments In Stock

3mm and 5mm Maryland Laparoscopic Vessel Sealing Instruments In Stock
- CoolSeal™ Trinity & CoolSeal™ Mini

Currently, there is a Global stock shortage of 5mm Laparoscopic Vessel Sealing instruments. OptiMed Technologies is proud to partner with Bolder Surgical to offer the new generation CoolSeal™ Advanced bipolar RF vessel sealing technology. The CoolSeal™ comes with a range of sealers including the Mini – 3mm and the Trinity – 5mm Maryland Laparoscopic Sealers in various lengths with plenty in stock ready to ship. The Vessel sealer generators will be placed on loan free of charge at the hospital to be used with these vessel sealing instruments.

We currently stock the following Bolder Surgical products:

  • CSL-TR105-30 Single-Use CoolSeal™ Trinity vessel sealer Maryland Dissector (D=5mm, L=30cm)
  • CSL-TR105-37 Single-Use CoolSeal™ Trinity vessel sealer Maryland Dissector (D=5mm, L=37cm) 
  • CSL-TR105-44 Single-Use CoolSeal™ Trinity vessel sealer Maryland Dissector (D=5mm, L=44cm)
  • CSL-MN103-20 Single-Use CoolSeal™ Mini vessel sealer Maryland Dissector (D=3mm, L=20cm) 
  • CSL-200-50 CoolSeal™ vessel sealer Generator

CoolSeal™ has many clinical features & benefits including:

  • Seal Strength > 3 x Systolic Blood Pressure
  • Faster seal time (~1.4 sec),
  • Very Low Power output generator with < 1mm thermal spread,
  • Dual-action jaws (based on Storz Maryland Grasper design that most surgeons are very familiar with).

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