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Electrosurgery & Vessel Sealing

CoolSeal Vessel Sealing

Vessel Sealing Reinvented.

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A true all-in-one surgical instrument that keeps pace with the surgeon's procedural rythm.

CoolSeal Trinity 5mm Maryland Laparoscopic Sealer, Divider and Dissector

Vessel Sealing Reinvented

Designed for safety, built for speed.

  • CoolSeal Trinity produces consistently strong, secure seals in 1.4 seconds so you can work quickly and confidently.
  • Average burst seal strength > 3 x systolic pressure.
  • The outer jaws stay cool throughout the procedure, avoiding damage to adjacent critical structures.

Precision of a surgical instrument.

Slim, curved double-action jaws enable fine dissection and improve workflow.
  • Easily grasp and dissect from the smallest bits of tissue up to large vessel bundles.
  • Designed to perform with the precision of a traditional Maryland non-energized dissector.
  • Reduces the need for instrument exchange that can slow procedure time.

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CoolSeal Mini 3mm Vessel Sealer

Small. Cool. Versatile.

Specifically designed for paediatrics procedures, CoolSeal Mini lets you work confidently in tight spaces while avoiding damage to adjacent critical structures.
  • PaediatricsThoracic
  • Paediatrics Small Bowel
  • Paediatrics Urology
  • Paediatrics Abdominal

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Offering the most extensive range of Electrosurgical Accessories in the market, which include:

  • Diathermy Pencils
  • Open (Blade/Needle/Colorado Microfine Needle/Lletz/Ball)
  • Laparoscopic Electrodes (Hand & Foot Operated)
  • Smoke Evacuation Accessories
  • Suction Coagulation
  • Mono/BP Forceps & Cords
  • Grounding Pads

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Ultrasonic Surgical System - Ultrasonic Scalpels

Ground-breaking clinical surgical equipment using ultrasonic energy to promote hemostatic cutting and coagulation.

  • Ultrasonic Hand Piece
  • All-In-One Scalpels

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Pall Laparoshield™Smoke Filters

Filtration for Health and Safety in Operating Room.

  • Highest level of protection for healthcare workers and patients
  • Flexible housing design
  • Ultra-low penetration air filter (ULPA) filtration rating
  • Light weight
  • Minimal amount of PVC tubing
  • Easy attachment directly to the trocar
  • Non-obstructive design
  • Less condensate formation
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Pall ORO Gas Line Filter

Bacterial, viral, scale and particle removal filter for medical gases.

  • Hydrophobic membrane
  • For removal of gas borne particles
  • Removes micro-organisms found in the gas stream
  • For in-line gas purification
  • Protects against backflow of bodily fluids and blood
  • May be used with all medical gases such as CO2, N2 and O2
  • Bi-directional, hydrophobic filter removes >99.999% of airborne bacteria and >99.99% of viruses, scale, debris, and other particulate contaminants which may be found in the gas stream minimizing cross contamination between patient and equipment
  • Low gas flow resistance and pressure rating within the clinical range

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