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Endomechanical Staplers & Accessories

  • Open/Lap Linear Cutters & Staplers
  • Circular Staplers
  • 5mm Open/Lap Stapler
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The first choice for a tailored treatment for hemorrhoids and rectal prolapse.

  • Mega-windows design to accommodate more tissue
  • Permanent parallel control technology
  • DAO unit to facilitate Tissue Selecting Therapy technique

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JustRight™ 5mm Stapler

The Advantages of Thinking Small.

At less than half the size of all others, Bolder Surgical’s JustRight™ Stapler is the world’s only 5mm stapling instrument, providing advantages for surgeons and patients.

  • Minimal post-op pain
  • Minimal scarring
  • Minimal risk of port site herniation
  • Faster recovery times
  • Decrease potential for surgical site infection

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justright vessel system tb


Insertion aid for transanally inserted circular staplers.

  • Reduction of the risk of sphincter lesions
  • Easily supplements existing circular staplers
  • 3 sizes – suitable for all staplers

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