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General / Colorectal

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Insides™ System

Providing a new standard of care for colorectal surgery patients.

A world-first device that delivers significant clinical outcomes and economic savings.

  • Earlier return to oral feeding
  • Improved nutritional outcome
  • Improved restoration gut function
  • Improved renal function
  • Improved liver function
  • Wean off Parenteral Nutrition

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Endomechanical Staplers & Accessories

  • Open/Lap Linear Cutters & Staplers
  • Circular Staplers
  • Unique Tissue Selective (TST™) Hemorrhoidal Staplers
  • 5mm Open/Lap Stapler

The first choice for a tailored treatment for hemorrhoids and rectal prolapse.

  • Mega-windows design to accommodate more tissue
  • Permanent parallel control technology
  • DAO unit to facilitate Tissue Selecting Therapy technique

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Mega DAO

The only comprehensive single-use Proctology examination kit available.

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Angiodin PROCTO

Latest innovation in Doppler Haemorrhoidpexy.

  • Quick and precise identification of hemorrhoidal arteries
  • Effective treatment of hemorrhoidal stage 2/3 disease
  • Device control is manual via touchscreen & 4 switch foot pedal
  • 100% prosthesis rebate

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rbi2 Suction Rectal Biopsy System 

World’s #1 suction rectal biopsy system for pathological examination for diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s Disease.

  • Australian made
  • Suitable for use with neonates, adolescents, and adults
  • A clean precise cut
  • Totally enclosed scalpel sharp blade

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Ultrasonic Surgical System - Ultrasonic Scalpels

Ground-breaking clinical surgical equipment using ultrasonic energy to promote hemostatic cutting and coagulation.

  • Ultrasonic Hand Piece
  • All-In-One Scalpels

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Fistula Rasper System

Unique clinically proven fistula treatment solution.

  • New type of rasp for safe removal of the plate epithelium in the fistula
  • Different rasp sizes for individual supply of fistula diameter
  • Rasping is highly flexible and unbreakable, and supplies each fistula to the optimum

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Because life is more comfortable without knots.

  • Prevent unnecessary irritation and discomfort
  • Knotless and smooth
  • Innovative closure that is secure and flexible

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Offering the most extensive range of Electrosurgical Accessories in the market, which include:

  • Diathermy Pencils
  • Open (Blade/Needle/Colorado Microfine Needle/Lletz/Ball)
  • Laparoscopic Electrodes (Hand & Foot Operated)
  • Smoke Evacuation Accessories
  • Suction Coagulation
  • Mono/BP Forceps & Cords
  • Grounding Pads

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Miscellaneous Operating Theatre Consumables

Cordless Flexible Surgical Light

  • Shadowless bright lighting
  • Low profile and compact size
  • Sterile and single use
  • Attaches to retractor handles
  • Latex free

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thompson logoSurgical Retractor System

Thompson Surgical celebrates over 50 years as a leader in exposure and the original manufacturer of the table-mounted retractor. Offering unlimited customised and safe, independent retraction. The Thompson Retractor allows surgeons in multiple specialities to achieve Uncompromised Exposure.

  • Uni/Bi Lateral Retractor
  • #1 Hepatobiliary/Liver Resection & Transplant Retractor
  • Bolling Mitral Valve Cardiothoracic Retractor
  • Lap Nathanson Retractor
  • Wide Range of Spine Retractors

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