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Latest Innovation in Digital Communication

Rods & Cones Smart Surgery Glasses

Remote assistance solution for medical environments.

Rods & Cones 

OptiMed Technologies are pleased to provide the latest innovation in digital communication, with the introduction of Rods & Cones Smart Surgical Glasses. The introduction of Rods & Cones will allow OptiMed Technologies to connect medical experts in real-time worldwide. Providing cutting edge and innovative digital solution in OR and training. 

Empowering medical experts to:

  • Enhance proctorships and expertise sharing 
  • Optimse diagnosis
  • Upscale preceptorships
  • Improve patient outcome
  • Attend remote areas effectively 

After a succesful pilot in Q4 2022 across multiple hospitals in Australia, we are excited to offer Rods & Cones Smart Surgical Glasses in 2023. 

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For more information about the endless possibilties and features of this innovative product, please contact Daria Torzhevskaia, Product Specialist - Rods & Cones, 02 9052 7888. 

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