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Orthopaedics / Neuro Spinal / Plastics

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Surgical Retractor

Thompson Surgical celebrates over 50 years as a leader in exposure and the original manufacturer of the table-mounted retractor. Offering unlimited customised and safe, independent retraction. The Thompson Retractor allows surgeons in multiple specialities to achieve Uncompromised Exposure.

  • Cervical System
  • CCA System
  • Anterior Lumbar System
  • Anterior Lumbar Ring System
  • Advanced MIS ALIF Access
  • Posterior Lumbar System
  • MIS PLA® System

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Bipolar Forceps

Available in a multitude of handle styles, lengths, and tip sizes.

  • Straight
  • Bayonet
  • Irrigating
  • EAU
  • Titanium

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  • Diathermy Pencils
  • Open/Laparoscopic Electrodes
  • Smoke Evacuation Accessories
  • Suction Coagulation
  • Mono/BP Forceps & Cords
  • Grounding Pads

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Ultrasonic Surgical System

Ground-breaking clinical surgical equipment using ultrasonic energy to promote hemostatic cutting and coagulation.

  • Ultrasonic Hand Piece
  • All-In-One Scalpels

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Intra Operative Nerve Monitoring

Intra Operative Neuro Monitoring accessories, premium quality (Made in France). Compatible with all brands of Neuro Monitoring Machines in Australia and offering significant cost savings.

  • Stimulation Probes
  • Paired Needle Electrodes
  • Ground Needle Electrodes

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Rods & Cones Smart Glasses

Providing remote assistance solution for medical environments.

Using smart surgery glasses and digital remote assistance platform, users can connect safely with an assisting surgeon, product specialist, or medical professional anywhere in the world, in real-time.

  • See through the eyes of a surgeon with cutting-edge smartglass technology
  • Share any video device from the OR and communicate in real-time
  • Broadcast under control to a large audience

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